"Gwen Burno’s words spoke strength into my life and her ability to redirect my focus has been critical to my growth and understanding of what God is trying to teach me."

Gwen Burno helps people move beyond mediocrity to an empowered life.
Give up the struggle
• Meet your goals        • Live purposefully
• Stop living paycheck to paycheck
• Display strength… take action


The point of a coaching session is to discover and energize your whole self in key areas – professionally, mentally, spiritually, financially and physically. Gwen Burno encourages her clients to live courageously and confidently by pursuing strength in each of these areas.

Your voice is an absolute necessity in this process. While Gwen may not possess all the individual answers for your life; she is very confident in what God desires for us. Gwen seeks to understand your voice, wishes and ideas and together with you creates a plan.


A coaching session may be one-time or multiple meetings bundled in a package. At Wisdom & Wellness, the coaching is always customized to meet your specifications.

Initial sessions will generally last from 60-90 minutes. As we progress, follow-up may require only 30 minutes. Each client will receive a customized report identifying the goals and strategies along with a timeline as agreed upon. This report will be updated and submitted to the client after each session.

Coaching times are conducted in person or over the phone. Contact Gwen Burno to discuss fees and the best way to proceed in getting you on the schedule.  FREE BONUS – Click here to understand Gwen’s direction for coaching.


Let’s get real. Debt is just a ball and chain that weigh you down, hold you back, and make you feel defeated. It is a trap that many walk into smiling and run out vowing never to return. If you find yourself in debt, do not despair; instead, become proactive. Do you know that 78% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck? And over half of working Americans struggle to save $1,000 for an emergency fund. The only way to break the cycle is to become intentional and deliberate with your dollars. Partner with Gwen Burno to create your debt-free plan to freedom.

Gwen Burno is excited to launch this new financial helping service to enable you to get out of your financial burdens and become debt-free. Gwen joins an elite team of over 550 Dave Ramsey Preferred coaches responsible for guiding people all over the world to financial hope and peace. In fact, a Ramsey coach in 2018 helped a client pay off over $1,000,000 in debt and gain that enormous peace of mind.

In addition to Gwen’s Life Coaching expertise, you can easily set up your convenient time to discuss planning by contacting Gwen with a calendar date and time. Click here to go to Gwen’s Calendly app and select your time to meet with Gwen. Or you can contact her with a simple question by clicking here. Either way, you are quickly on your journey to a new Life Coach or Financial Coach opportunity to change your life. FREE BONUS – Click here to see the 7 Baby Steps for a simple way to financial freedom with Gwen Burno’s help.

"How do you navigate the treacherous storms known as setbacks, unwelcomed surprises or unwanted experiences? I thank God for my experiences as they taught me compassion and empathy for others."

Gwen Burno’s commitment to education and corporate experience create a dynamic combination to serve with excellence as a life coach and a Christian speaker.

After actively engaging in Bible study for over 20 years, Gwen developed a discipline that infiltrates all areas of her life. Discipline is the key that gives you access to freedom.

Gwen Burno understands that life encompasses the highs and the lows. As a wife of many years and stay-at-home mother of three young adults (one special needs), she has personally danced through the incredible highs and been laid level with the lows.

Gwen’s background includes a Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Dallas Theological Seminary. At  present, Gwen serves as the Spiritual Development Leader and Bible Study Teacher at Rockbridge Church in Allen, Texas.


How will a business background and religion (Christianity) serve you as you strive to order your life? With a firm understanding of these two fields and the gift of insight, Gwen Burno is equipped to offer sound life principles that will provide measurable skills professionally, mentally, physically, financially, and spiritually. Life took on a deeper meaning for Gwen once she began to take God seriously. One of her ‘a-ha’ moments was the day she realized that the God of the universe is on her side, cheering her on, counting her worthy to carry out His agenda. Gwen started believing that God has a vested interest in her every detail. Once she adopted and implemented this philosophy, she changed her thinking and approach to life. Gwen’s goal is not to succumb to the pressures, but to walk boldly and confidently.

Gwen Burno’s passion is you! Your cry! Your joy! Your fear! And ultimately your success! Let Gwen help you develop healthy habits that will transform your existence into a life well lived. She is the life coach who commits to breaking the chains that are binding you and then to securing your freedom.

"Gwen is amazing at what she does! Her ability to educate, encourage, and uplift truly sets her apart. We were truly blessed when she spoke at one of our events. You will be blessed by her biblically sound enrichment." – President, Nonprofit

“Gwen Burno masterfully operates in a space crowded with Christian life coaches and speakers.  She distinguishes herself through the purposeful use of goal development, Godly wisdom, and Christ-centered achievement strategies.”

“She connects with authenticity and impacts individually or in groups.  Lives are changed through Gwen Burno.”  –  President, Breakfast With Fred Leadership Institute

“Thank you for telling me the truth. After spending time with Gwen, I started exercising, changed my attitude towards my students by praying for them and looked forward to returning to work.”  – Middle School Teacher

“I just wanted to let you know that I have really had success with negotiating and engaging in tense conversations. Writing out a “script” that I stick to helps tremendously. In instances where split second conflict arises, I do my best to tell them “hold on, give me time to think about this and I will get back to you with a solution, etc.” That really helps also. Thank you again for your encouragement and for helping me bring this fear into the light.”  –  University Student

“Gwen motivated me to pursue my passion and start a bookkeeping/budgeting business.”  – Aspiring Entrepreneur

“I have the immense pleasure of knowing Gwen as a friend and a colleague.  During these years, I watched God transform her into spiritual maturity in faith, compassion, and teaching of God’s Word. Gwen focuses on excellence in each endeavor while remaining a significant participant. Her character, genuine empathy, respect of others, strong sense of family and her support for her Church, and friends makes her invaluable.”  – Pastor

“By providing practical tools to quickly implement in your own life, Gwen Burno models for you how to be the best you as God has called her to do. She speaks joy, peace, and love into you which in turn inspires you to be what God has called you to be. She is a powerful inspirational woman of God.”  – Professor

"Gwen Burno is a phenomenal spirit-led woman of God. She inspires and motivates anyone in her presence to live, strive, and love God in the most humbling way possible."

Gwen is absolutely captivated by Jesus’ sacrificial love and message of hope. The one thing she loves as much as learning about Jesus is sharing Him with others.

Gwen’s goal for any encounter is to leave the listener questioning, “how can I know God better and live a worshipful life?” 

Gwen Burno’s love and devotion to Jesus Christ began at 27 when she attended her very first Bible study. The study was entitled ‘Israel and the Minor Prophets’ with a group of women that lasted a year. At the conclusion, Gwen was confident that God existed and she needed to obey Him. Her love for Jesus Christ and thirst for more knowledge led her to Dallas Theological Seminary which challenged Gwen on many levels in the most satisfying ways.

In our very busy lives often times God is an afterthought. This practice accounts for unnecessary stress and unfulfilled lives.  Jesus said, “in Me you may have peace. In the world you have tribulation, but take courage; I have overcome the world” (John 16:33). The peace that Jesus offers will only be appropriated by the ones who believe in His Word.

Gwen’s passion is the message of Jesus Christ and delivering Him in her life coaching efforts or to your speaking event in a manner that causes others to desire Him. Let’s work together, pray together and choose to glorify God as we proclaim His name together.

Gwen is amazing at what she does! She speaks joy, peace, and love into you.
Display Strength . . . and Take Action by contacting Gwen Burno here today.

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