Book Class – Get Our of Your Head

Popular Demand. Gwen Burno presents the exclusive
6-Session Book Discussion for you

New January-March 2021 Sessions are now available. Don’t miss out on Gwen’s wisdom and insights led by the topics of this intriguing New York Times bestseller book. She will be presenting this over ZOOM for the first 12 people who register to take this course for $149.

January-March 2021 Sessions
Get Out Of Your Head” by Jennie Allen

Gwen Burno’s sessions with this book will help you

• Promote and encourage open dialogue
• Create awareness of thought patterns
• Explore the power of choice
• Equip with sound Biblical teachings
• Expose the lies creating strongholds
• Challenge, motivate and inspire

Gwen Burno’s study is live with ZOOM on your computer or phone for Six Live Sessions in January-March 2021.
Register and Pay here with a simple Credit Card or Debit Card on the Paypal Link for only $149 for the entire course. You do not need to have a Paypal account.

Zoom session dates for this book are Jan 7, Jan 21, Feb 4, Feb 18, March 4, and March 18.

Gwen Burno’s topics from the book will focus on:
1) Identifying the Lies, 2)  Recognizing the Emotions, 3) Pinpointing the Work of the Enemy, 4) Declaring “I Have A Choice,” 5) Choosing Gratitude and the Greater Good, and 6) Embracing Jesus.
Don’t miss a single session.

Gwen Burno comments on this special book …

“Before reading this book, I started my journey of understanding my thought patterns out of frustration. How could someone make a comment to me and leave my mind reeling for days? After much contemplation, I traced the origin of my thought pattern to my childhood. The trigger was the lies spoken to me many years ago, but just as powerful as if spoken the day before.

Instead, I chose to trust God and His truth for my life. I want to teach you strategies that I learned with Get Out of Your Head as our guide.”

Join Gwen for this unforgettable opportunity of learning.